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Treating Acne

Treating acne. For everyone has acne is a bad experience even painful. Acne commonly affects children adolescents and even acne can strike at adults usually it is influenced by genetic factors

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Treating  acne in general with over the counter treatment. Commonly this type of drug used for mild acne sufferers. And for people with severe or severe acne usually with prescription drugs. Teenagers, even us, hate to have a lot of color on our skin. Prior to eliminate acne generally we have to know the types of acne that will allow us to overcome them.

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Here are the types of acne that is common to everyone and they are as follows:


Whiteheads form when your pore is partially being clogged by a bacteria, dead skin cell and oil. You can remove it by squeezing it out. Just make sure your fingers are clean.


When whiteheads are due to partial blockage of dead skin cells, bacteria and oil, the blackheads are whiteheads that rises on the surface which is oxidize by oxygen as it goes out. After oxidation, the color turns black.


Papules are red, with a little pain bumps that has no head.


It is a large bumps on the ski surface as well as a cyst that is filled with pus. If you have a severe acne, you need an prescription acne medication by the physician. A severe acne with a lot of bacteria needs certain antibiotics. Physician also includes medications like salicylic acid, sulphur, resorcinol, tetracycline and etc. Bottom line is, when you have a severe form of acne, you have to consult your physician.

Treating Acne

The following are steps to help in treating acne:

  • Cleanse your face as well as the affected area gently. Remember the word “gently” so as to prevent further spread of infection. Cleansing gently will only just remove the right amount of excess oil that will make the medications act faster. Use a cleanser or soap that is mild on skin and rinse it warm water. Afterwards, pat dry your skin and don’t rub.

  • Apply your acne medication. It can be salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

  • Rinse your hands and then apply a small amount of moisturizer to hydrate your skin especially the area where there is medication. Benzoyl peroxide dries up the skin and gives you an itchy and flaky feeling.

  • When you apply makeup, make sure your cosmetic products are oil free and water based. This will lessen the oil on your skin. Also, remember to change your applicator from time to time especially the brushes. The applicator is a good bacteria breeding area.

  •  Don’t over wash your face. It is enough to wash twice a day. Washing frequently will just lose the natural oil on your skin and will promote more oil production because of oil loss.

  •  Diet also plays an important role on acne production. If you eat a lot of oily foods, junk foods and preservatives, you are very prone to acne formation.

  •  Hydrate yourself a lot with water. There are a lot of wonders water can offer. It keeps our body’s homeostasis regulated.
Treating acne are easy if you just follow the said instructions. Not only that, proper skin care will make it even faster. Once the zits are gone, take care of your skin. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

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